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The essentials of brand management

Quality brand management is when you produce branding elements (logo, website, brochures, etc.) in a strategic manner, with the goal of positioning your business, product, or service favorably in the mind of your customer. Lean brand management is when you apply lean startup and customer development techniques to building, testing and iterating brand elements with […]

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How to develop a lean content marketing strategy

Content marketing is the act of creating useful, engaging, and somewhat entertaining content for online distribution, with the goal of attracting customers to your product, service, or website. The strategy behind content marketing is that you attract users to your business, and then build a relationship with them through shared interests communicated by your content, […]

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What is a startup consultant?

A startup consultant works with a business in the early stages of a product or service idea. Generally, they assist in marketing and strategy, and serve as project manager, innovator, and strategist, to name a few roles. Having a consultant (the right one) on board can have many benefits:   You are hiring them on […]

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The Benefits of Live Production

Live video production is the process where the traditionally separate production and postproduction activities are combined and executed simultaneously. Generally, you will have two or more video elements (such as two cameras or a single camera and a graphic title, etc.), and an operator will switch between your elements, and composite the elements live, as […]

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The Discovery Process

Discovery in the week startup process is the brief period where you gather just enough information to make a yes or no decision on whether or not to move forward with your idea. If you are a Starter and often leave things unfinished, it might have been the result of not enough information being gathered up front […]

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